In the Chiemgau in southern Germany, a high-tech manufacturer is developing the 100 percent clean beauty high-tech brand Deage.

Handmade organic luxury that is pure, prudent, and highly concentrated.

DEAGE's high-quality serums bring together two things, that are unfortunately still not considered to belong together in today's world of beauty: 100 percent natural skincare and the most well-founded high-tech research.

Highly concentrated care products made of natural raw material

The brand, backed by molecular scientist Frank W. Legart, produces highly concentrated care products made of natural raw materials in Germany in small quantities, and meticulously crafted by hand. DEAGE products are free of preservatives, coloring, and synthetic fragrances, paraffin, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, but also free of any materials of animal origin. 


Frank W. Legart, Founder & creative mind of the brand, together with Ina Dimsky-Legart, Vice President of DEAGE

Above all, alpine water from the Kitzbühel Alps is an essential raw material, which is processed drop by drop with the highest esteem. The most important criteria of biomimetics (biological substances, i.e. peptides, are imitated from nature) are also applied here. Legart has made a name for himself in the industry in the past with his research on collagen and elastin. Increasingly, however, he wanted to put his knowledge and his drive to research in the service of sustainable cosmetic concepts. And so he began to combine "vision with down-to-earth, future with deceleration". In 2003 he founded his innovative think-tank lab Legart Forschungsatelier. Since 2004, laboratory and production have been located in the lake Chiemsee region. The philosophy of the family-run company is: "We believe in projects, not in quantities".

And it's pleasant to hear someone saying about high-tech cosmetics: "This is craftsmanship that requires a sense of proportion, attention to detail and passion."

The tailor-made anti-aging skincare line, which is precisely targeted at every skin type, is manufactured according to highly technological cleanroom standards - which may sound cool for a start. But behind this is a highly sustainable and empathetic credo: "We take responsibility for people and nature". And he continues: "We stand for handmade eco luxury."

Handmade, hand filled, hand packed

The entire DEAGE product range is handmade, hand filled and hand packed. The raw materials come primarily from Germany and exclusively from Europe. All formulations are dermatologically tested. DEAGE is cruelty-free, Legart Forschungsatelier produces cosmetics that are not tested on animals.

handcrafted Made in Europ Organic vegan 

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