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Greentee: T-Shirt und Hoody, Damen, Weiß, nachhaltig, Bio-Baumwolle, fair - the wearness

The German eco-label Greentee knows how to make perfect basics: with cool cuts, environmentally friendly production and fairness.

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Finding the perfect white T-shirt is a challenge everyone knows. Darinka Radenkovic was also on the hunt for years - until the fashion designer decided in 2015 to launch her own collection on the market. A short time later, blouses, dresses and skirts provided all the essentials a woman needed.

Darinka Radenkovic, the founder of Greentee – the wearness
Darinka Radenkovic, the founder of Greentee

"I think the prejudice that green fashion is tame or looks alternative continues to hold true among the masses. But we want to make good fashion - and take the ecology behind it for granted," explains the founder. That's why every piece has a certain fashion twist. This can be a gathering, a ribbon or a skilfully placed seam. Nevertheless, the creations are absolutely timeless and have the potential to become classics. In this way, the label wants to show fashion customers that there is a trendy alternative to fast fashion.

As the name suggests, Greentee is very concerned about the environment: "Our sewing shop in Slovenia is close to the Bled Nature Park. In this region, special attention is paid to the environment". In addition to the Slovenian location, the label cooperates with a Polish factory. The fabrics are also selected according to strict standards. Only organic cotton is used here. The fabric suppliers are GOTS-certified and the textiles are dyed on a natural basis. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the skin.

Production of Greentee – the wearness 
Inside the production facilites of Greentee

Green fashion with social awareness

Also the social commitment of the label is impressive. Since autumn 2018, Greentee has been supporting charitable institutions such as the Ambunlantes Kinderhospiz München foundation with the #lovewear project. Recently, the label has also become part of an initiative in India to free women from sex slavery and help them resocialise. We pay our respects to this sense of responsibility!