The Wearness x LPG Studios – High-End Upcycling

Through upcycling, the German label LPJ Studios creates sustainable masterpieces - and at the same time positions itself against mass production in the textile industry.

New textiles are produced every day and at the same time the mountains with discarded fabrics grow. The German label LPJ Studios has been working against this trend since 2015 - with upcycling. In Aschau, Bavaria, the small team around chief designer Hedwig Bouley collects used fabrics from well-known companies in the fashion industry. The label magically turns them into unique designer pieces. LPJ is a heart project for Hedwig Bouley, who has worked as Head of Design for various renowned fashion houses. The name stands for her children Lisa, Paul and Joseph. The concept is intended to show the new generation the way in the right direction.

Founder Hedwig Boley (in the middle) with her team
Founder Hedwig Boley (in the middle) with her team

Handmade unique pieces from Germany

In the label's showroom you will find luxurious interior designs and fashion accessories: carpets, blankets, cushions and pieces of furniture such as hammocks and deckchairs form the core of the collection, which is completed by scarves, bags and pullovers. The style? Everything but eco: avant-garde, high-quality and chic.

The showroom and atelier of LPJ Studios in Bavaria

Each of the products is unique and handmade in the studio in Aschau. For the scarves available on the wearness, however, the label has sought help from the Far East: the needle punch technique is done by experienced knitters in China, who are the only ones who perfected this technique.

Not only the flaps, coupons, yarn leftovers and ingredients used by LPJ Studios are sustainable. For the label, it is important that the entire supply chain is fair and regionally structured. "We have now also had our Co2 footprint measured and all travel and logistics are compensated by great actions, such as rainforest protection", the label explains. We are impressed - and happy to announce that the label has developed a wonderful scarf collection exclusively for the wearness.

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