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You are unsure what to wear at work or at the next cocktail party? Ask us. We are happy to help you with some style-advises. Our background: Many years of styling experiences for international fashion magazines. Just contact us at and we will provide you with an edit personally curated for you. With no additional costs, of course.



THE WEARNESS is an online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty. We offer authentic luxury fashion from designer brands that take responsibility and run their business with respect for people and the planet. Find a unique and hand-picked selection of ethical fashion, fair clothing and accessories for women and men with timeless designs and impeccable qualities - while preserving the environment or promoting traditional craftsmanship locally. Discover authentic and innovative products - handmade luxury dresses, fair produced shirts or vegan beauty products. Each product is labelled with our sustainability symbols - so that you can easily understand not only what characteristics your favourite product has, but also what brand creates fair working conditions or produces in a regionally and environmentally friendly way. Our symbols are: non-profit, environmentally friendly, fair trade, handmade, manufactured in Europe, organic, recycled, vegan, female and waste-free - the more symbols a product receives, the more sustainable it is.

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It is always good to know how a garment is made and who has worked on it and under what conditions. The fashion industry has changed rapidly in recent years - it has become faster and more short-lived than ever. Collections are changing more frequently than ever before, and global textile consumption has doubled since 2000. More and more garments that move from the shops into our cupboards and from our cupboards into the garbage cans have triggered an enormous alienation: fashion no longer means anything to us and has become a disposable article. It has nothing more to do with a good feeling and a personal expression. The dramatic consequence? Mountains of discarded clothing, because production is kept so cheap aspkossible, which consequently pollutes the environment. How an item is created, who has worked on it under what conditions - that is hardly comprehensible. One thing is certain: The clothing industry ranks second in the environmental polluter ranking, directly behind the oil industry.

Sustainable luxury can be a way out.

And it would suit us much better, but sustainable fashion produced under fair working conditions still has to struggle with a weak image: fair clothes and high fashion, that seems to be contradictory. Sustainable and fair fashion, which guarantees environmentally friendly production, and high quality is anything but old fashioned. 

The wearness wants to change the current perception of ethically impeccable and sustainable luxury fashion. We want to offer fashion-conscious customers a positive shopping alternative - aesthetic, uncomplicated, authentic, but with a clear conscience - without sacrificing style and quality.

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